We focus on finding the elements noticed, neglected and abandoned by us in normal life. Through recognizing the actual projects, we redefine the compatibility of different elements, and melt the design ideas much more suitable for values and benefits of clients into the projects. To realize the new life  unachievable before,experience the new elements. 


Rather than the idealists independent to the life or the overconfident critics, we are the explorers immersed in the perception of life and work. We find the ideas in life and solve the problems through design to meet the requirements of clients and society. This is the design concept touch nature of human


Golden Design LTD, Is an architectural firm, based in London. The range of business covers strategic development, feasibility research, master planning, urban planning, architecture, landscape, interior design, sustainable development and a series of related content. Through comprehensive innovations for the organism of people, nature, society and city, we establish suitable and efficient designing strategies, expand and maximize artistic, commercial, social and ecological values of design, and continuously create elaborate design works in the world. We highlight research。We are also good at putting these outcomes into practice to integrate the rational requirements, arts, life, nature and future into an excellent architectural work.

We highlight research. We are also good at putting these outcomes into practice to integrate the rational requirements, arts, life, nature and future into an excellent architectural work.



Besides researching the already happened matters and experience, we pay much more attention to exploring possible matters or trends in the future. Each project has its own social attributes. A project just starts to benefit and develop ecological life, users and surrounding communities at the time of its completion.

The excellent design shall match up with future expansion of the project and maintain enough space to provide sustainable vitality.


The charm released after completion of the project is the design awareness highlighted by us. We expect to draw a vital picture of the charming future through communication with clients, users, governments and neighbors.


英国金城设计有限公司(Golden Design LTD),是一家总部位于英国伦敦的建筑设计公司,业务范围涵盖项目前期策划,可行性研究,总体规划,城市规划,建筑设计,景观设计,室内设计及生态和可持续发展设计等一系列相关内容。通过对人,自然,社会与城市有机体的融合式创新,因地制宜的,高效的制定设计策略,拓展并提升设计的艺术价值,商业价值,社会价值,生态价值的最大化,不断在世界各地区努力创作设计精品。



我们注重在生活中找寻元素,找寻被我们关注的元素,被我们忽略的元素,被我们抛弃的元素。通过每一次与实际项目的认知,重新定义生活中的元素匹配性。并在项目中, 融入分析后更符合客户价值利益的设计引导,通过设计实现之前达不到的新生活,体验新元素。






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